Honouring Her Sacred Spirit Luxury Throw Pillow

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Velveteen upholstery fabric, soft to touch & snuggle friendly. Zipper for easy access to insert. Durable, easy to love and easy to care for as well.

This beautiful painting was created to honour murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls. The MMIWG movement is one that hold near and dear to my heart.

For far too long, Indigenous women and girls have been publicly degraded & shamed, the general views have been molded by hurtful colonial stereotypes. People forget that every Indigenous woman or girl, no matter how she died or what she had lived through has an internal strength, beauty and sacred worth. Indigenous women have traditionally been hounored as life-givers and caregivers. Therefore, we say “our women and girls are sacred”.

We need to change the nation-wide conversation about Indigenous women and girls. To build a strong foundation for healing, justice, and reconciliation, governments and institutions must change. So must our society’s attitudes and understanding of the issue.