Inspiring Through Art

Growing up I always thought I wanted to become a physical education teacher, but I naturally always gravitated to the "Arts".  Life happened, marriage and motherhood, today I am blessed with my now 13 year old son and husband of 16 years.  Life experiences has motivated and challenged me in many ways.  What started in the basement of my parents house, painting on the chest freezer that I used for a table.  21 years ago, is now revolved into "Moon & Back Custom Arts" sharing my artwork with the world, teaching art classes and offering custom art.

Thank you to my husband and family for all their love and support over the years.  A special thank you to Mr. Cam Giavedoni who was Frontier School Division's superintendent at the time I graduated high school.  For believing in me and giving me my first opportunity to teach an art program, it truly started my career as an artist.